Thursday, July 06, 2006

Been a while

So another club night has been and gone, so it must be time for another battle report. I've been contemplating doing a new army for a while and finally decided that I would go with Ogres as they seem a very underutilized army (of course then they came second at the Dutch GT - go Tim) but I've started now so I'll finish. So with the grey plastic horde thrown into a box I was ready. I had arranged to play a new guy to the club James (Morden) and so only had my 2000 point list with me - however he was pretty late turning up so instead I played against Matt (another new opponent to me) and his Dwarfs. Of course what we didn't realise (or rather I forgot) was that our normal game size was 2250 so I was a few points down.

My list is Tyrant, 2 Butchers, 2 x 4 Bulls with iron fists and champions, 2 x 3 Iron guts, 2 x 2 Lead Belchers, 2 x 20 Gnoblers, 8 Trappers, Gorger, Scraplauncher and a Bull Rhinox Rider with warbanner. Matts list was something like Lord, Thane with Oathstone, BSB with Oathstone, 23 Warriors, 24 Hammerers, 24 Ironbreakers, 25 Slayers, 2 x 10 Thunderers, Organ Gun.

The battlefield was pretty open with a hill on Matts side on the right. His deployment from left to right was in a single line as follows, Ironbreakers, Hammerers, Warriors, Slayers, Organ gun and both units of Thunderers. Both units of Thunderers and the Organ Gun were on the Hill.

My deployment was double ranked and from left to right was 1) Trappers, Bulls, Gnoblers, Gnoblers, Bulls 2) Rhinox, Leadbelchers, Ironguts, Scraplauncher, Ironguts, Leadbelchers Butchers went with the Bull units and Tyrant went in the middle. Matt won the dice roll off and I had to go first (boo hiss)

Ogres Turn One. Not a lot of subtly in my initial move as everything trundled forward keeping the battle line pretty much intact. In magic both butchers cast Trollguts on the respective units and in shooting I fired the scrap launcher at the trollslayers getting 24 of the little bar stewards. However I then had a quick burst of incompetent dice rolling and managed to kill only 1!!!!!!!

Dwarfs Turn One. The dwarf battle line rushed forward to meet its hated foe - no wait that’s not what happened, very sensibly Matt stood exactly were he was and shot. The handgunners removed one of the Leadbelcher units, whilst the Organ Gun killed 3 Bulls. Unfortunately for Matt my incompetent dice rolling was at an end and 2 of the Ogres stood back up again due to regeneration - Matt had attempted to dispel it but had only rolled a 5.

Ogres Turn Two Unconcerned about the outbreak of shooting I continued to move forward. The Rhinox lumbered ahead to set itself up for a flank charge on the Ironbreakers and the Gnoblers moved up placing themselves temptingly in charge range of the rest of the dwarf line. In magic I tried a speculative Panic on the Organ gun crew and unsurprisingly they passed the leadership test. The Scraplauncher misfired but fortunately I rolled a 5, just meaning it didn't fire this turn.

Dwarf Turn Two The battle line decided that it would charge the Gnoblers, who of course fled bringing them just that little bit closer to Ogre stomachs. In shooting the unit of Ironguts took the brunt of it with both handgunner units giving them a pounding. IN the end the unit was reduced to a single model with 1 wound left. The Organ gun decided to take out the tyrant and was able to do a couple of wounds to him.

Ogre Turn Three Time for some lunch. On the left the Bulls charged the Ironbreakers in the front, whilst the Bull Rhinox ploughed into the flank. Matt of course dropped his Oathstone (which I had completely forgotten that he had and what it did) The Tyrant and the Scraplauncher crashed into the front of the warrior unit, whilst over on the right the single wound Irongut took on the Organ gun crew. Finally the bulls on the right charged one of the handgunner units. Both Gnobler units rallied I then made a rules mistake by casting a second buff on units - which until I reread the magic rules last night I didn't realise I couldn't do. Fortunately the existing buffs didn't make any difference in the combat so it didn't make a difference to the game. So both Bull units were now +1 Str.

In shooting I was able to kill one whole Hammerer with my 2 remaining Leadbelchers. OK onto combat. In the Ironbreakers the Thane called out a challenge which my Bull champion accepted. However I then proceeded to miss with all 5 attacks and was lucky to only take a single wound in return. In the rest of the combat I was able to crunch a good few ironbreakers and ended up winning by 1. Of course Matt made his leadership test - can't remember now if they were stubborn or not, they did have a Rune of Courage though so no autobreak. In the centre the Warrior champion accepted the Tyrants challenge and was then Tenderised good and proper. Combined with the Scraplaunchers impact hits I ended up winning the combat by 4 and Matt kindly obliged by running away, getting run down by both my persuing units. The remaining irongut show that he did indeed have iron in his body cutting down 2 of the Organ gun crew without being killed in return. The remaining guy autobroke and fled off the table pursued by a hungry ogre. In the final combat, the other bull unit pulverised the handgunners, broke them and ran them down.

Dwarf Turn Three Deciding enough was enough the King along with his hammerers got stuck into the Ironbreaker combat, contacting with the Butcher on the end of my unit. The Slayers moved forward towards the combats, whilst the remaining hand gunners stayed where they were, shooting up 4 Gnoblers (all they could see). IN the big combat the Butcher was unsuprisingly killed, but in the challenge my Crusher came up tops wounding the Thane twice and Matt obligingly failed his armour save (2 2's) letting me kill him. Overall I lost the combat and both the Rhinox and the Bulls fled. However the Ironbreakers couldn't persue (effectively taking them out of the game) and the Hammerers only went 3 inches. Just enough in fact to present there flank to a waiting unit of Ironguts.

And frankly that was pretty much the game there and then. My fleeing guys rallied, My Gorger got into combat with the remaining thunderers, and I took the Hammerers in the flank with both the Ironguts and the Tyrant and over the next few turns I proceeded to destroy the whole unit and in the last round broke and ran down the king and his shield bearers. We didn't total up the points but it was a massacre to me having only lost 2 Leadbelchers, 2 Iron Guts, a Bull and a Butcher.

A good game against a nice opponent with a very different type of Dwarf army. Another excellent trip to the club. Just need to remember the extra 250 points next time.

Of course a game of warhammer wouldn't be the same without some army analysis at the end I didn't really like the performance of the Gorger, nice to have something unbreakable but its a lot of points and a rare slot - especially as it didn't come on until later on. I think I'll use Maneaters next time instead gives me something to spend the extra points on. I'm also going to up the Ironguts to units of 4 as recomended by the chatroom crew, would definately have been good to have the extra guy. Leadbelchers will probably be amalgamted into a single unit of 3 as well. Kineater on the Tyrant was also a waste, shall go with something else next time round.

Hope you enjoyed it and next time out I'll try and take a few pictures.