Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stone and Steel

So if you are into Warhammer you can't have failed to notice that next month sees the release of the all new dwarfs - well not that new, more a revision that an all new army - but they do have a lovely set of new miniatures coming out, and as we know, GW is all about selling miniatures.

Release dates are as follows

10th Dec
Dwarf Army Set £120

28th Dec
Army Book £12
Battalion (32 warriors, 16 thunderers, 1 x Cannon) £50

7th Jan
Warriors (x16) £18
Grudge Thrower £18

14th Jan
Runelord £6
Master Engineer £5

21st Jan
Josef Bugman £6
Lord with Great Weapon £6

28th Jan
Thunderers (x16) £18
Slayer Command (x2) £6
Slayers (x3) £6
Slayer Lord £6
Lord with hammer and shield £6
Cannon £12

4th Feb
Bolt Thrower £12

11th Mar
Lord Thorgrim Grudgebearer on throne £20

18th Mar Dwarf Lord with Pistol & Axe £6

There are pictures all over the web, this thread on TWF is as good as any at collecting them all together


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