Thursday, November 03, 2005

Online Stores

Following on from the new Dwarf releases does anybody actually pay the full price for anything anymore? There are a slew of online retailers more than willing to give you GW product at less than you would pay in the store.

Sure there is something immensely satisfying about going into a GW store (making sure you go at a time to avoid all the munchkins of course) and taking figures down from the racks, piling them up on the counter and pulling out the credit card but when the assistant says that will be £X and would you like a White Dwarf with that, the wallet always cringes.

But which online store to use?

Well my personal favourite for GW stuff at the moment has to be Maelstrom with 10% off and free shipping.

For non GW stuff (and aparently Maelstrom have plans to move into non GW stuff in the near future) I've always had good service from Gamers Quest especially at sourcing stuff from the smaller manufacturers like some of the french companies.

Both are highly recomended, though if you have another favourite why not let me know about it


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